Privacy Policy

Healthcarology is a personal health records platform that lets you gather, edit, store, and share your personal health data online. With Healthcarology, you can control your own health records. You can also choose to share your health data with family, caregivers, health care professionals, health-related devices, mobile apps and online tools.

Signing into Healthcarology.

To sign into Healthcarology, you can create your own credentials or sign-in credentials from other partner providers. If you close your Healthcarology account or lose your account credentials, you may not be able to access your data. You may use more than one credential with Healthcarology to help ensure continued access. Before using non-Healthcarology credentials with Healthcarology, we recommend you review the security and privacy commitments offered by the issuer.

Healthcarology Account and Health Records

To create a new Healthcarology account, you must provide personal data such as name, date of birth, e-mail address, postal code and country/region. Depending on the features you use, you may be asked for additional information. A Healthcarology account allows you to manage one or more health records, such as the ones you have created for yourself and your family members. You can add, edit or remove data on your health record at any time.

In the U.S., Healthcarology assigns each health record an email address. When a message is received at that email address, the message and attachments are automatically added to the Healthcarology record, and a notification email is sent to the custodians of that record. The email service in Healthcarology uses "Direct," a protocol designed specifically to communicate with health care providers. For that reason, Healthcarology email can only be sent and received with providers that use a system that's set up to do that. Custodians can add or disable record email addresses.

Sharing Health Data

A key value of Healthcarology is the ability you have to share your health data with people and services that can help you meet your health-related goals. By default, you are the custodian of any records you create. Custodians have the highest level of access to a health record. As a custodian, you can share data in a health record with another person by sending an e-mail invitation through Healthcarology. You can specify what type of access they have (including custodian access), how long they have access, and whether they can modify the data in the record. When you grant someone access, that person can grant the same level of access to services (for example, someone with view-only access can grant a service view-only access). Because inappropriate granting of access could allow someone to violate your privacy. You should be cautious about granting access to your records.

You can choose to share specific data (or all of the data) in a health record with other services. No service has access to your data through Healthcarology unless an authorized user grants it access through Healthcarology. Healthcarology allows you to control access by accepting or denying requests. For each service granted access, you choose what health information in a specific health record you want to share and what actions each service may perform on your health information.

service you authorize for a record access will get the full name associated with your Healthcarology account, the nickname of the authorized record(s), and your relationship to that record. If the service would like the email address created by Healthcarology for the specific record, the service may request this when you grant them access to the record. The service will continue to have access through Healthcarology until you revoke the permission. Healthcarology can revoke a service's access to Healthcarology if it does not meet its privacy commitments to Healthcarology. However, except for restricting the access they have to your Healthcarology data, we do not control or monitor those services, and their privacy practices will vary.

Reports to U.S. Providers

In the United States, we enable participating providers to obtain reports about whether the information they send to a record is used. This feature supports the "meaningful use" objective of the HITECH Act, which provides incentives for health care providers to send their patients copies of their medical information electronically. Providers that participate can get reports that include a number the provider uses to identify the patient within its system, and whether the user took one of the "qualifying actions" in Healthcarology (but no information about which action). "Qualifying action" currently includes activities such as viewing, downloading, or transmitting health information via email. You can turn off reporting for your records.

Access and controls

You can review, edit or delete your Healthcarology account data, or close your Healthcarology account at any time. Only custodians can permanently delete an item. When you delete a heath record, it is deleted from all users who had access to it.

When you close your Healthcarology account, we delete all records for which you are the sole custodian. If you share custodian access for a record, you can decide whether to delete the record. Healthcarology will wait a limited amount of time before permanently deleting your data in order to help avoid accidental or malicious removal of your health data.

Healthcarology maintains a full history of each access, change or deletion by users and services, which includes the date, action and name of the person or service. Custodians of records can examine the history of those records.

Email Communications

We will use the email address you provide when you create your Healthcarology account to send you an email requesting that you validate your email address, to include sharing invitations you send through Healthcarology, and to send you service notifications, such as email notifications that information is available to add to your Healthcarology records.

Healthcarology periodically sends newsletters to help keep you informed of the latest developments and improvements. Healthcarology will also periodically send you an email summarizing recent account activity. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

Beta trials

Healthcarology offers preview, insider, beta or other pre-release features and services ("previews") to enable you to evaluate them while providing feedback, including performance and usage data, to Healthcarology.  As a result, previews can automatically collect additional data, provide fewer controls, and otherwise employ different privacy and security measures than those typically present in our services.  If you participate in previews, we may contact you about your feedback or your interest in continuing to use the service after general release.

Changes to This Privacy Statement

We will update this privacy statement when necessary to reflect customer feedback and changes in our services. When we post changes to this statement, we will revise the "last updated" date at the top of the statement. If there are material changes to the statement or in how Healthcarology will use your personal data, we will notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes before they take effect or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to periodically review this privacy statement to learn how Healthcarology is protecting your information. Healthcarology services include the Healthcarology Band devices, Healthcarology apps, Healthcarology, and other related services. The Band helps you keep track of data like heart rate and steps taken. The Band can also use Cortana to take notes and receive notifications from your phone. The Healthcarology app sends data to Healthcarology's servers and allows you to manage and control the data. The app provides a channel for other apps on your phone to send notifications to the Band. Healthcarology is a personal health platform that lets you gather, edit, add to, and store health data online. With Healthcarology, you can also choose to share your health data with family, caregivers, and health care professionals. Healthcarology apps and devices collect and store your data to provide and improve the services. Health data you provide through Healthcarology services or store in Healthcarology is not combined with data from other Healthcarology services, or used for other purposes without your explicit consent. For example, Healthcarology does not use your health record data to market or advertise to you without your opt-in consent.

Performance and Usage Data

To provide you the best service, we collect and automatically upload statistics about the performance and your use of the Healthcarology apps and devices.

Access and Control.

You can visit the Healthcarology app and the Healthcarology web dashboard to view and manage your data. In the Healthcarology app, you can view and update your profile data, remove any service you do not wish to use, and view past activities. You can delete specific activity details in the Healthcarology app. When you delete a specific activity, the event is deleted from the Healthcarology service; however, the basic sensor data captured by the devices remain in the Healthcarology service. You can cancel your Healthcarology account at any time.

Third-Party Apps

If you connect a third-party application to Healthcarology, the use of your activity information is subject to the privacy practices and terms of use for the third-party service. We strongly encourage you to review the privacy statement and terms of use for any third-party service before you connect.